A Relaxe To Trembling Winter, Here Comes The Whole House Humidifier.

A very cold winter season makes you shiver even at your house. This makes you aggressive and at the same time feel like crying. You tend to hate the winter season. During the winter vacation, due to the cool breeze, you prefer to sit at home. But the cool temperature at home, the dry skin, chapped lips and just feeling dry over troubles you. So here comes the humidifier which creates a comfortable temperature and also moisturizers the room.

A whole home humidifier can be iinstalled on your heating system to add moisture to the warm air and deliver it through the duct system to your entire home, making you and your family more comfortable.

Best Whole House Humidifier

Types of Whole House humidifier

There are different types of home humidifier through which people can select according to their preference. They are as follows:-

  • Mist / Steam

Mist or steam is considered as the most effective home humidifier. But at the same time, it is very expensive. It produces steam rather than relying on the evaporation. As it produces steam, you can easily control the desired humidity. It can come both in cold and hot water form by injecting hot or cold steam into your supply line. Mist or steam humidifier works with the help of electricity and also needs water supply line. As there is no standing water, there is a low risk of molding. But the hot steam can cause issues in your ducts if you run it too often and high.  

  • Drum

Drum is considered to be the least expensive home humidifier. It is also easy to install. They are being installed on your cold line and use a motor and belt to essentially lift the cold water from a drum into the air and let evaporation and the passing air movement to pick up the moisture. This requires considerable maintenance as there is a risk of molding due to the standing water. You also have to replace the belt frequently. Even though it is less expensive, people prefer less due to its standing water and the maintenance issues.  

  • Flow through

Flow through is remarked at the middle of both types of the humidifier. It is because, the rate and performance of the flow through is better than drum and at the same time not good than mist/steam. It can be installed on return or supply line. They do not have standing water and also use evaporation. The airs are blown out through the filter and the water is flowed out through the drip. The water present in it should be drained. Since it always uses new water, there is no risk of molding. As mentioned, it always uses new water, there need to be a water line connected and at the same time it does not uses electricity.

Dry air can cause respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms for many people, especially in the winter. Dry air in your home can draw moisture out of porous materials like wood, including furniture, woodwork, wood floors, pianos and other musical instruments. It makes the air temperature feel cooler than humidified air, so you set your switch higher to reach the same comfort level. Room units are small and portable, while whole-house humidifiers are permanently installed with your central heating and cooling system.

Benefits Of Placing a Whole House Humidifier

  • Comfort

During the winter season, placing a whole home humidifier makes the family members comfortable. The air released from the humidifier is warmer than dry air that too in same temperature.  The humidified air allows you to keep your thermostat set several degrees lower while you enjoy the same comfort level throughout your home. A lowered thermostat helps you to save money from increasing electricity bill.

  • Convenient

In the dry cold temperature of the room, a whole humidifier helps to create a humid atmosphere. Due to this, people present in the home are very comfortable and convenient. The best whole house humidifier is been installed on your forced air furnace system.

  • Helps to ease asthma symptoms

If you are facing with the symptoms of the asthma, then it can worsen your health due to the decrease in moisture level. The dry air can irritate your lungs and can also cause a dry persistent cough. As you place the whole home humidifier, the air gets humidified due to which the air is moisturized and becomes easier to breath.

  • Saves money

The presence of water in the air makes the air feel warmer. The moisture in the air also causes our natural sweat and moisture to stay close to our bodies which keeps us warm. But in winter, the scenario is different. The air does not consists moisture and it is dry which causes our body’s natural moisture to evaporate, making us feel cold.

Home humidifier helps to keep the moisture in the air at a comfortable level and also warms up the house. This will also helps you to save money from increasing bill. Due to the presence of moisture in the air, you won’t tempt to turn up the heater.


Humidifiers are devices that increase the amount of moisture in the air. They do this by releasing steam or water vapour into the air. While they aren’t necessary in the summer as there is already a lot of moisture in the air from natural humidity. So they are useful for homeowners in the winter when the air is drier.

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